Friday, November 12, 2021 - 12:15pm - 1:00pm
Pardee 217
Ceyhun Elmacioglu '24 and Deniz Ozbay '22
Free and there will be pizza!


"A *Very* Brief Overview of Geometry Processing Research"  Deniz Ozbay '22
Abstract: Geometry processing is a research area related to computer vision, scientific computing, and other disciplines. The development of algorithms in geometry processing combines ideas from differential geometry, topology, partial differential equations and optimization. In this talk, we will introduce some background needed to understand research problems and in particular discuss algorithms that can be developed to minimize mean curvature on triangle meshes and optimize the computation of Hausdorff distance between triangle meshes.
"Minimal Presentation Sizes of Numerical Semigroups"  Ceyhun Elmacioglu '24
Abstract: It is a well-known fact that if m is the smallest positive element of a numerical semigroup S, then the size of the minimal presentation of S is at most m choose 2. Finding the possible minimal presentation sizes of numerical semigroups given a fixed m has been a long-standing open problem. In this talk, we introduce a combinatorial approach involving posets that we developed over this summer in joint work with Professor Christopher O'Neill from San Diego State University to determine the attainable minimal presentation sizes.



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Math Club and Department of Mathematics

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