Monday, September 17, 2018 - 4:30pm - 5:30pm
Hugel 100
Jeremy Carlo

Please join the Physics Department in welcoming Dr. Jeremy Carlo from Villanova University, who will be giving a talk entitled "Adventures in Frustrated Magnetism".

The talk will be preceded by a Physics Tea from 4:00PM to 4:30PM in the Hugel lobby.

"In recent years the topic of frustrated magnetism has attracted substantial interest from the research community.  Geometric frustration occurs when magnetic ions are arranged in such a way that magnetic order is inhibited.  For example, a material favoring antiferromagnetic (antiparallel) arrangement of neighboring ions exhibits frustration if those moments decorate a triangular or tetrahedral lattice.  In frustrated materials, the exquisite balancing of normally dominant interactions results in a rich phase diagram characterized by diverse ground states and exotic physics normally masked in conventional magnetic materials. 


I will introduce the topic of magnetic frustration, and give an overview of our research in these materials utilizing particle-beam techniques at national facilities including Oak Ridge National Laboratory and TRIUMF in Vancouver, Canada.  In particular, we have focused on double perovskites and other materials featuring face-centered cubic arrangement of ions, whose ease of synthesis and chemical versatility make them excellent platforms for elucidating the subtle and exotic physics of geometric frustration."

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