Friday, July 8, 2022 - 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Karl Stirner Arts Trail
Karl Stirner Arts Trail and the Lehigh Valley Engaged Humanities Consortium

 Upriver is a project including a series of sculptures and a performance event on Bushkill Creek. Debuting on July 8, the work is an active collaboration with local artists, scholars, geologists, musicians, and engineers. In a procession down the Karl Stirner Arts Trail, stories will be told, action will transform, and each element is constructed to reflect the potent history of the Lehigh Valley and mythologies of “The Place at the Forks.” There will be sacred rocks, iron, steel, hex signs, and witches. It should be known, in the end, what is left was already upriver. 

KSAT Artist in Residence: HEIDI WIREN BARTLETT & COLLABORATORS KARL STIRNER ARTS TRAIL | The erfoprmance wiull start at the Pedestrian Bridge @ Silk. Parking is available at the 13th St. KSAT lot & the 500 Bushkill lot.

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