The McKelvy Scholars Program is very excited to be soliciting nominations for house membership and residency for the academic year 2020-21.

The McKelvy Scholars Program is a unique community that prioritizes intellectual interaction between people from different personal, communal, and academic backgrounds. It has a long history of being home to some of the brightest minds at Lafayette College and its alumni include Barry Wellman, Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto (’63), Poet Laureate of Philadelphia Yolanda Wisher (’96), and many others. The McKelvy Scholars meet every Sunday evening from 6-8 p.m. to participate in dinner and discussion, run by the McKelvy scholars, themselves. An annual “end of semester celebration” is held at the House on the last day of classes in the fall semester. In the spring semester, McKelvyites gather together with members of Hillel to celebrate the life of a McKelvy scholar, Hanne Tischler (’04), who passed too soon, while enjoying community, music, and the outdoors.


For more information about the Program, please visit our website:

Candidacy for the McKelvy House Scholars Program is based on nominations from faculty.

Faculty Members: We are asking you to search your class rolls and your memory for first, second or third year students who have impressed you as being especially curious, articulate, and intellectually motivated. We’re not always looking for the students with the highest GPAs, but for those who are sincerely curious and intellectually minded.  All you have to do is provide us with the name or names of students and, if possible, the potential year of graduation and an email address. (Ideally, you would also have some kind of an idea about which students might actually want to live in McKelvy as lists of 20-30 students who happen to be good scholars creates a lot of extra work for our committee with little return.) We would also be very appreciative if you could find the time to encourage your nominees to give serious consideration to becoming part of the McKelvy Program. Please submit nominations via email to Rachel Goshgarian ( 

Students: if you are interested in applying to McKelvy, please request a nomination from a faculty member.  If you have questions about the program itself, please don’t hesitate to contact Professor Goshgarian ( 

All nominations should be submitted by Wednesday, February 26, so please act now.

Thank you,

Rachel Goshgarian


Feb 13-26, acceptance of nominations from faculty members.

Feb 28-March 11, candidates are interviewed by current McKelvy scholars and faculty members of the McKelvy Subcommittee.

March 13- Offers to join the program will be made.

March 23- Students will confirm their acceptance of housing offer.