Thursday, February 6, 2020 (All day) - Saturday, April 11, 2020 (All day)
Grossman Gallery, Williams Visual Arts Building, 243 North Third St
William Lamson

William Lamson
February 6-April 11, 2020
Grossman Gallery
243 North Third Street

Badwater is a complex installation of objects, materials and processes that create an abiotic ecosystem, a network of non-living things that, while inanimate, continue to exert their material agency. In a time when extreme weather conditions have become a reality around the world and in California in particular, Badwater uses a climate controlling infrastructure to create an accelerated cycle of flood and drought. Inspired by the saltwater spring in Death Valley’s Badwater Basin, and the resilient ecosystem around it that has evolved to withstand these harsh conditions, this piece is a generative work that brings these quiet geologic forces into the gallery and allows them to develop over the duration of the exhibition

Artist’s talk by William Lamson
4:15 at Landis Cinema, Buck Hall. 219 North Third Street,
A reception for the artist  follrows at Grossman Gallery.

In an illustrated talk, William Lamson will focus on recent video and installation projects, the varied nature of his practice, and the challenges he faces as an artist.

Sponsored by: 
Lafayette Art Galleries; Department of Art, Community Based Teaching