Have you ever taken a tour at Lafayette? 


Did you feel like you received authentic insight into student life and mental health? 


The Invisible Tour will provide insight into how mental health is experienced on Lafayette’s campus by providing a digital tour experience guided by students, faculty and staff. However, we need your submissions to make this project creative and impactful! Narratives will be anonymous and must relate to a particular place on campus whether it is a building or specific location on the hill.


A one minute video summarizing the project is linked here: https://vimeo.com/373248973 


Please follow this link to submit your narrative: bit.ly/mhinvisibletour (copy and paste into your browser)


Deadline for submissions: November 22


*Ideas for submissions: talk about your experience being a work study student, what is means to be a student in your major, the college expansion, what is means being a student of color and/or queer student and/or international student, your experience working in dining hall services, how your financial experience has affected your time at Lafayette, your experience as a faculty member (before and after tenure) or your experience in your class year so far (but the possibilities are endless!)*

Contact Information

Yazmin Baptiste