International Students Association is organizing International Education Week from the 9th-15th of November. IEW is a week dedicated to engaging with global issues and fostering cultural exchange. 


List of events:

Saturday - When Worlds Collide - November 9th, 10pm, Pfenning Alumni Center

  • An international themed party with music from around the world and a celebration of different cultures featuring DJ Kaiser. We will be opening this event up to other schools as well as OBC students.

Sunday - Transcendence: A Musical Self-Care Journey - November 10th, 4-6pm, Marlo Room

  • Drum away and de-stress alongside Grammy-nominated Innov Gnawa and David Ellenbogen of Brooklyn Raga live.

Tuesday - Hong Kong in the News - November 12th, 12:15-1pm, Kirby 104

  • A brownbag with professor Barclay and Asian Studies students 

Tuesday - Sushi-Thon - November 12th, 6-8 PM, Farinon Atrium

  • Chance to make your own free sushi 

Wednesday - I am Not Your Immigrant - November 13, 5-7 PM, Marlo Room

  • A talkon identity and stereo types with artist Gabriel Rivera and chef Sung Uni Lee

Thursday - Jeopardy - November 14th, 8-10pm, RISC Atrium

  • Game Night

Friday - The Globalized Fabric of Our Lives - November 15, 12:15, RISC 225

  • A discussion on the global commodity chain featuring Professor Gellemore

Friday - Evening at the Museum- Novermber 15, 5-7pm Farinon Atrium

  • Come by, look at artwork, and paint a picture of your own


Come join us in any of those events, 



Contact Information

Sumini Siyambalapitiya