Easton Post Office will be sponsoring a Passport Day at Lafayette College on April 12 in 121 Pardee.  This event is open to the public and applications from the entire Lafayette College community (including children, spouses, etc.) are welcome.

Applications taken by appointment only. Please stop by 125 Pardee to sign up for an appointment time or call International and Off-Campus Education (x5918).


-       Original Birth Certificates required and a photocopy of front and back. Birth Certificates must have BOTH parents names listed. Birth Certificates must be State issued with a raised seal (Hospital birth announcements are not accepted). Birth Certificate will be submitted with passport application.

-       Photocopies of front and back of your Driver’s License. Children under 16 must have copies of BOTH parents Drivers licenses.

-       If student is from out – of – state- a photocopy of front and back of student ID is required.

-       Fill out numbered areas of application. DO NOT SIGN UNTIL SWORN IN BY CLERK.

-       All children applying for a passport MUST be present during application process

-       Both parents MUST be present for Minors under 16- One parent MUST accompany 16 and 17 year olds.

-       Official Passport photos are needed. Post office charge is $15.00 a photo. If purchasing a passport photo elsewhere, please go to the following link for SPECIFIC instructions on what constitutes an acceptable photo.  https://www.passportsandvisas.com/passport/forms/ds-11-application-form-for-new-passport

-       Payment- Personal check or money order is required for EACH application. Postal fees must be paid separately.

-       Fees: Processing Fee (check payable to US Postal Service)-$35 per application. Passport book age 16 and over $110. Passport card age 16 and over $30. Passport book age 15 and under $80. Passport card age 15 and under $15.




Contact Information

Kimberly Bartholomew