The Lafayette eSports Club is looking for students who play Overwatch or Rocket League, and want to participate in the Tespa Overwatch Collegiate Championship or the Tespa Collegiate Rocket League.

The Overwatch Collegiate Championship will begin January 20th, and matches will take place on Sundays. Practices will take place during the week to prepare for each match. Currently there is no information about the Tespa Collegiate Rocket League, however we would like to start weekly practices as soon as possible.

In addition to Overwatch and Rocket League, we welcome people who play League of Legends, Heathstone, Rainbow Six Seige, Dota, CS:GO, or any other eSport that you would like represented on campus. We are looking to create collegiate teams for these games, but you do not have to be on a team to be a part of the club!

If you are interested in playing on one of these teams or joining the Lafayette eSports Club, please fill out the survey attached, with your name, email, and which game you play. We will email you with the link to the Discord server where we will post more information about each team.

Thanks and have a good break!


The Lafayette eSports Club


Survey Link:

Contact Information

Kerry Stranick