Wednesday December 5th

4:10pm to 6:00pm

103 Ramer History House


Six history majors will present preliminary findings to other majors, advisers, and interested faculty. Speakers and topics include:


Khadijah Akeem: The Consequences of War: Women and Children’s Involvement in the Biafra War

Simon Rybansky: “James Morrison Harris: Nativism and the Sectional Crisis in Maryland’s American Party”

Kamini Masood: ‘Chaadar’ and Chaardivari’: Haseena Moin’s Television Dramas and an Alternate Feminine Consciousness Under Zia’s Regime

Andrew Mange: Dueling and its Historical Decline in France and the United States, 1700-1900

Nicole Harry: Soviet Diplomacy and Radio Free Europe in the 1970s


Light refreshments will be served.