Please join Andy Dorsett from Wolfram on Monday, November 12th from noon until 1:00pm in Skillman 003 as he discusses the new and updated features of Mathematica 11 and 12, Wolfram Alpha, and Mathematica Online! Lunch will be provided!

This workshop will show aspects of the Wolfram technology stack to aid and enhance courses and research. Topics include:

  • 5 easy ways to get started with Mathematica in the first 5 minutes of use
  • Viewing and modifying ready-to-use classroom and research applications
  • Programming basics, as well as data analysis, parallel computing, and model-creation and simulation
  • WolframAlpha technology for new calculations as well as inclusion with current computations
  • Computing with Mathematica in a browser and running cloud applications with Mathematica for classroom exercises

Attendees with no prior experience will learn how to get started with Mathematica, both on the desktop and in the cloud. New features in Wolfram|Alpha and its ability to serve as a Mathematica tutor, as well as a data analysis tool for new users will be displayed. Advanced users report that they learn quite a few time-saving tips and tricks from the seminar. All attendeed will receive an electronic copy of the examples, which can be used as-is or adapted to individual projects.

No matter your level of technical expertise, you will find this seminat very informative!

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