Skillman Library Maps and GIS Workshops

Reading a map is trickier than you might expect. While maps casually present themselves as a visualization of reality, the truth is, they aren’t.  All maps are imperfect models of natural and cultural features on the surface of the Earth.  Reading a map involves understanding how a map maker has chosen to represent these features and, perhaps more importantly, what they have left out. Join Data Visualization & GIS Librarian John Clark for a guided tour through a variety of different historical and contemporary maps as he explains some common principles used by cartographers. Participants will then have an opportunity to make a map themselves using Social Explorer, an on-line mapping tool available to the Lafayette community through Skillman Library. This event is being offered from 12:15 to 1:00pm - Friday, September 14th in Skillman Library 004. Lunch provided.

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John Clark