Friday, November 9, 2018 - 4:15pm - 6:00pm
Oechsle Hall, Room 224
Free to the public

In Renaissance Italy, magnificence––beauty and generosity of spirit––was among the greatest virtues one could possess. As a highly praised quality, magnificence is credited with inspiring splendid buildings of great technological achievement and exquisite works of art. With magnificence as its theme, this symposium honors Diane Cole Ahl, Arthur J. ’55 and Barbara S. Rothkopf Professor of Art History at Lafayette College and renowned scholar of Italian Renaissance art. In this symposium, colleagues, curators, and former students will give presentations in her honor that celebrate European art and architecture of the fourteenth to seventeenth centuries.

Lafayette College, Oechsle Hall of Psychology and Neuroscience, Room 224
4:15 pm
Welcome: President Alison Byerly and Arthur J. Rothkopf '55, former President of Lafayette College (1993-2005)
Introduction: Ingrid M. Furniss, Head of the Art Department & Associate Professor of Art History, Lafayette College
Magnificence in Italian Renaissance Art
A Breathless Account of the Magnificence of Italian Renaissance Art
Paul Barolsky, Commonwealth Professor Emeritus of Italian Renaissance Art and Literature, University of Virginia
Stefano da Verona: A New Point of Departure
Keith Christiansen, Chairman, Department of European Paintings, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Lafayette College, Oechsle Hall of Psychology and Neuroscience, Room 224
Welcome: Provost Abu Rizvi
Fifteenth-Century Magnificence in Rimini, Rome, and Spoleto
Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta’s Surprising Duality: Images and Words
Marilyn Aronberg Lavin, Professor (Retired), Princeton, NJ
Rome and Spoleto: Fra Filippo Lippi in the Duomo of Spoleto
Jean K. Cadogan, Professor of Fine Arts, Trinity College, Hartford
The Magnificent Sixteenth Century
Seeking Salvation, Coercing Conversion: The Roman Archconfraternity of SS. Trinità dei Pellegrini e Convalescenti and its Oratory
Barbara Wisch, Professor Emerita of Art History, SUNY Cortland
In the Write Hands
Fredrika H. Jacobs, Professor Emerita of Art History, Virginia Commonwealth University
Noon: Lunch break. A light lunch will be provided in the lobby of Oechsle Hall.
Magnificence in Venice and Vienna
Paolo Veronese’s Supper at Emmaus: Seeing is Believing
Mary E. Frank, Independent Scholar
Mobility and Magnificence: Prince Eugene of Savoy’s Belvedere Palace in Imperial Vienna
Christina Lamb Chakalova, Doctoral Candidate, Rutgers University
3pm Leah Crocetto recital, Williams Center for the Arts, Auditorium
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