The Landis Center is now accepting MOSAIC Staff Applications for Fall 2018

The Landis Center seeks passionate, committed students to serve as paid program coordinators for the MOSAIC Program. Through mutually-beneficial partnerships with local community organizations, the Landis Center promotes intellectual growth for students through meaningful, productive, and effective service opportunities.

Job Responsibilities: MOSAIC Program Coordinators recruit, train, educate and reflect with student volunteers, serve as liaisons with our community partners, and participate in regular leadership development opportunities. Responsibilities include participation in a staff retreat each semester, staff meetings, team meetings and co-coordination of a large-scale campus event. Additionally, program coordinators hold weekly office hours, submit regular paperwork, and ensure volunteers have completed all necessary requirements for participation.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Passion for a particular social issue and/or program
  • Willingness to go beyond stated responsibilities for continuous improvement
  • Demonstrated capacity for critical thinking around complex social issues
  • Ability to commit between 5-8 hours per week to MOSAIC responsibilities
  • Previous volunteer experiences and/or leadership skills transferable to a MOSAIC program

Applications Due: Friday, March 23rd at 12:00pm to the Center for Community Engagement (522 March Street, next to Cosmic Cup) 

The application is now available on the Landis website: 

Apply for a leadership position today!