Thursday, September 14, 2017 - 4:15pm - 6:00pm
Williams Center for the Arts Main Stage and Gallery
Thomas T.K. Zung

Thomas T.K. Zung is uniquely positioned to talk about Buckminster Fuller. Zung was a student of Fuller and, with Fuller’s Synergetics, Inc., designed the elongated geodesic dome in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1968.  He has worked on various geodesic domes, including the Jitterbug sculpture, Tensegrities, the Fly-Eye’s dome, and Fuller’s last invention, the Hang-It-All. Zung is president of Buckminster Fuller, Sadao & Zung, served as a founding member of the Buckminster Fuller Institute. He is currently a Distinguished Senior Fellow to the Stanford University Libraries, and founding board member of SNEC-RISD. 


After the talk, Zung will be available to sign copies of Buckminster Fuller, Anthology for the Millennium, a volume he edited, celebrating the work of a great American architect, author, and inventor. Originally published as Buckminster Fuller: Anthology for the New Millennium, Zung updated this popular volume of chapters from Fuller’s many books, each chapter introduced by notable people such as Arthur C. Clarke, Steve Forbes, Valerie Harper, Calvin Tomkins, and more. This revised edition, which includes images omitted from the first edition, reflects a culture that has changed with time, much of that change predicted by Fuller.

The talk is presented in conjunction with the Williams Center Gallery exhibition, Buckminister Fuller: Architect, Engineer, Inventor, Artist

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