Friday / March 24, 2017 / 8 p.m.


Beowulf: The Epic in Performance
Benjamin Bagby, voice and Anglo-Saxon harp

“Hwaet!” commands the storyteller. Listen! And tremble at this fearsome tale! A millennium or more has passed since the superhero Beowulf appeared in the annals of epic poetry, yet the legend of his bare-handed conquest of the terrifying Grendel endures. As one of the world’s leading practitioners of historically informed music and theater, Benjamin Bagby dramatizes the awe-inspiring poem in the original Anglo-Saxon, while simultaneously accompanying himself on medieval harp. “Bagby mesmerized his crowd…they might as well have been children sitting around a campfire, listening to ghost stories—the theater was stone silent.” (The Mercury News, San Jose).

Is your Anglo-Saxon rusty? Ours, too. Not to worry—there will be English supertitles, and the story synopsis is available for you to download and peruse at any time.

$29 / staff - $5 / non-Lafayette students - $6 /Lafayette students - free