Monday, November 9, 2015 - 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Kirby Hall of Civil Rights 104
Daniel E. Moore

Lafayette alumnus Daniel Moore returns to campus to give a special presentation about his work with Leadership Mission International, a non-profit Honduras-based organization he chairs. Dan and his wife Christine also volunteer with the organization as teachers and supporters. Leadership Mission International is a 5-year-old non-profit organization focused on developing young Honduran women into ethical leaders that will help transform their local communities. This work takes place in a remote campus called The Leadership Center about two hours from Tegucigalpa - the capital of Honduras. There are about 30 young women (typically age 19-22) at The Leadership Center - which offers a 2-3 year academic and residency program. The students are from diverse backgrounds and locations throughout Honduras; all from underprivileged families that would not otherwise be able to continue their education. The Leadership Center teaches English, Leadership, Community Development, Business and Entrepreneurship, as well as other liberal arts courses. The Center also helps many of them develop business plans, coaches them on operational techniques, and invests start up capital for their businesses. The objective is for these young women to become recognized as leaders and to gain local credibility so that they might provide insight and influence into the development of their communities. In this presentation, Mr. Moore will share several of the girls’ real life experiences, talk about their businesses and most importantly - talk about their personal impact in their communities. 

Dan Moore has over 30 years experience with entrepreneurial businesses, including starting up and managing companies, as well as financing transactions and equity investing. Dan is the managing partner of Longstreet Partners, a financial advisory and private equity firm focused on small to mid-sized enterprises. He serves on the boards of directors of several portfolio companies of Longstreet Partners.

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