Thursday, February 10, 2011 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Farinon Snackbar
Elaine Pasqua

Elaine Pasqua has transformed the lives of thousands of college students by motivating them to reassess their life-goals and to evaluate the negative effects of high-risk behaviors. Her goal is to teach students that seemingly inconsequential decisions can change the rest of their lives.
Alcohol abuse is the high-risk behavior that interferes most with a successful college education today. Through emotional stories and hard facts, Elaine clearly establishes alcohol’s affects on the brain and the decision-making processes. Negative outcomes such as lower grade point averages, injuries, deaths, violence, and property damage are highlighted. Instead of saying, “Don’t party,” Elaine provides options for either abstinence or safe alcohol consumption.
Elaine effectively connects alcohol abuse to unprotected sex through captivating interactive exercises that get students out of their seats and emotionally engaged in real-life situations. The consequences of unprotected sex, as well as safe sex and healthy communication are discussed with honesty and humor. She clearly establishes the relationship of high-risk drinking and sexual assault and warns of the use of date rape drugs.
Combining these topics brings home the relevant message of partying responsibly, respecting one another, and keeping each other safe. This dynamic program strives to create a safe and healthy campus environment. Students are empowered to perform their best academically and to live without regrets, while still having fun. Elaine’s ability to engage an audience with her infectious energy has left students talking for weeks!

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