Monday, October 6, 2014 - 12:15pm - 1:15pm
Gendebien Room (206 Skillman Library)
Profs. Ben Cohen, James Dearworth and Alessandro Giovannelli

The Center for the Integration of Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship [CITLS] and Instructional Technology are co-sponsoring a series of presentations on digital technologies in teaching on three successive Mondays (22 September, 29 September, and 6 October 2014).

The last presentation in the series will be lead by Profs. Ben Cohen (Program in Engineering Studies), James Dearworth (Biology Department) and Alessandro Giovannelli (Department of Philosophy).

In recent years, as podcasts have become a thing, assigning podcasts as class material has in turn become more common. This has students as podcast media consumers. Prof. Cohen's talk discusses the opposite: how students became podcast producers. It reviews experiences teaching FYS students to produce their own audio stories for public consumption.

The Biology Department does not have human cadavers to dissect or the facilities to do so. Prof. Dearworth will discuss how the BodyViz system provides a solution using a simple Xbox controller running on a laptop to examine actual human MRI and CT data.The user interface is easy to use, and the visualizations are rendered in monoscopic 3D producing the effect of being immersed and flying-thru the anatomy.After students dissected organ system in other vertebrate animals (lamprey, shark, salamander, and cat), lab teams were assigned to virtually dissect a human data set using BodyViz. Measure of their success using BodyViz was then determined on a laboratory practical.

Prof. Giovannelli will discuss some of the ways in which digitalizing, primarily, still images and videos, has been positively affecting his teaching in his philosophy courses. 

A light lunch will be available. To attend, please register at http://doodle.com/tf39didu4ndpk42h.   

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