The Calendar of Events is the central gathering point for public event information on campus. Each event has basic information about when, where, and why it’s being held as well as links that allow you to add the event to your personal calendar or share it on social media. The calendar has 13 public categories usable by anyone on campus to promote their events. These categories also offer weekly email digests. Learn more about the public categories.

The calendar also supports a number of department, program, and office-specific categories which are only available to department event administrators. In addition to providing more granular views of the calendar’s events, these categories are used to drive the event feeds on public-facing websites. They do not have weekly email digests.

Questions about the Lafayette Calendar of Events can be directed to Communications Division.

Adding Events to Your Calendar

The Calendar of Events offers two ways of adding events to your calendar.

ICS file iconDownload the event file: Clicking this icon on your smartphone will add it to your calendar; clicking on this icon your desktop computer will download the file to your computer. Double-clicking on the downloaded file will add it to your computer’s calendar program.

Webmail iconAdd to Webmail: Clicking this icon will ask you to login to the calendar. After you do so, the event will be added to your calendar in Lafayette Webmail.

Sharing Events

The calendar allows you to share events on Facebook and Twitter by clicking on their respective icons. The Facebook icon shares the event to your timeline, but does not create a Facebook event. The Twitter icon shares the event on your Twitter feed.

Featured Events

The homepage of the calendar features a highlighted event chosen by Communications Division. Featured events appear on the calendar and college homepages. These must be events that have photos or graphics; those without them can't be featured. The featured events are selected by Communications Division.

Imported Events

Some of the events in the calendar originate in other systems, such as LafSync and are imported into the calendar once an hour. An imported event is identified as such when viewing the event page in the calendar. Imported events may require you to visit the source site to RSVP or learn more about the offering.

LafSync Events

LafSync is the college’s student organization management system. It has its own, student-facing event system. To ensure that your event promotion reached users on LafSync as well as the College Calendar, you may choose to enter your event information within LafSync and set its visibility to “public”. Doing so will cause it to be synced from LafSync to the corresponding public calendar in the College Calendar.

The LafSync-to-College Calendar syncing happens once an hour on the hour and uses the following category mappings:

LafSync CategoryCollege Calendar Category
AcademicCareer Advising
ArtsArts & Entertainment
Community EngagementCommunity Outreach
Diversity & InclusionStudent Life
GeneralStudent Life
Health & WellnessHealth & Recreation
Intercollegiate AthleticsAthletics
Living Groups (Fraternity, Sororities, etc)Student Life
Peer Counseling & Peer EducationStudent Life
Pre-professionalPresentations & Lectures
Recreation & LeisureHealth & Recreation
Religious and SpiritualReligious Life
Residence LifeStudent Life
Social Action & PoliticalStudent Life
Social EventsSocial Events
Training and WorkshopsTraining & Workshops

Note that events that are entered in the College Calendar will not populate the LafSync calendar.

Ongoing Events

Events that span multiple days or weeks are considered ongoing events. These are typically events such as art exhibits, athletic tournaments, and special events such as reunion. Ongoing events are displayed at the top of the Calendar home page, as well as the appropriate category pages. This gives them some prominence without flooding the calendar's display.

They are not meant for promoting event registrations or deadlines -- those sorts of events should be promoted with one event on the day the registration opens, and another on the day it closes.

Recurring Events

Some events happen on different days throughout the year (e.g. a film shown over three consecutive days or religious service offered on the same day every week throughout the semester). These recurring events share the same essential details, but occur on different days.

To add a recurring event to the calendar, visit the “Submit an Event” page. When adding an event, enter the date for the first occurrence of the event. Then click on the “Add another item” button beneath the 'WHEN' field. Clicking this button adds another form field for a date. Note that you need to add the prior date before the system will let you add another one.

Weekly Email Digests

The calendar supports weekly email digests for its public categories. There are 13 digests, based on the featured categories in the calendar. These email digests are sent Friday mornings, and include events for that Friday through the following Sunday (e.g. Friday, 1/15 through Sunday, 1/24) The deadline for submitting these events is 5:30 a.m. each Friday. Everyone at the college is automatically subscribed to three of these digests -- Arts & Entertainment, Presentations & Lectures, and Athletics -- while students are added to the Career Advising. Learn how to subscribe or unsubscribe from these digests.