Welcome to the latest version of the College Calendar! The new calendar includes a number of new features and improvements based on feedback from the community and usability testing conducted by Information Technology Services and Communications Division.

Featured Events

The calendar home page now highlights up to four events on the home page. These must be events that have photos or graphics; those without them can't be featured. The featured events are selected by Communications Division.

Ongoing Events

Previously ongoing events were a separate event type managed by a handful of people. Now anyone can add one of these events, and what constitutes an ongoing event is defined by a simple rule: if it's longer than 24 hours, it's an ongoing event. Ongoing events are displayed at the top of the Calendar home page, as well as the appropriate category pages. This gives them some prominence without flooding the calendar's display.

Calendar Email Digest

The calendar now supports weekly email digests. There are 13 digests, based on the featured categories in the calendar, which are sent out on Friday mornings and include the upcoming week's events (Sunday-Saturday). Everyone at the college has been added to three of these digests -- Arts & Entertainment, Presentations & Lectures, and Athletics -- while students have been added to the Career Advising one. Learn how to subscribe or unsubscribe from these digests.

Interface Changes

The new calendar uses two columns, rather than three, matching the look and feel of the rest of the college web presence. As part of this, we've removed the old calendar navigation block -- which our usability tests showed was confusing -- replaced it with a "Jump to" block that should be easier to use. You can still easily view the calendar by day, week, month or "today".

ICS and RSS Feeds

Much of the calendar's backend was changed during the upgrade, but we've made every effort to ensure that the existing ICS and RSS feeds remained functional.

Web Services

A major reason for the upgrades to the calendar was the need for web services. The calendar now provides REST-based web services which are being used by the college's upcoming mobile web site.

About the Calendar

The calendar is based on Drupal 7 and relies heavily on the Date, Organic Groups Views, and Services modules. The calendar is managed by Information Technology Services and Communications Division. Comments and questions about the calendar can be sent to ITS at its@lafayette.edu.