Subscribing to a category of calendar events allows you to see all events in the category in your personal calendar. Calendar subscriptions are dynamic, so as event details change and events are added to or removed from a category, your personal calendar will be updated to reflect the changes.

To add a dynamic calendar subscription to your Zimbra Webmail account:

  1. Find the category of events to which you want to subscribe. You can do this either by clicking a link for the category, or by going to the More Categories page. (For a tag group, click an event's tag.)
  2. Right-click the ICS download icon for the category/tag and copy the link location. The precise wording of the link copy action on the context menu you get by right-clicking will vary by browser, but will usually say "Copy Link Location" or "Copy Shortcut" or "Copy Link". Note: if viewing a list of events (vs. the "More Categories" page), make sure to use the ICS icon at the top of the page, opposite the category or tag name, and not an icon next to an individual event.
  3. Log in to your Zimbra Webmail account.
  4. Select the [Calendar] tab.
  5. Click on the small grey gear icon in the "Calendars" menu (alternatively, right-click on the "Calendars" menu)
  6. Choose "Add External Calendar".
  7. A dialogue box appears and asks you to choose a source: "Yahoo! Calendar" or "Add External Calendar (Other)".
  8. Choose "Add External Calendar (Other)".
  9. Click [Next].
  10. A new dialogue box appears. From the dropdown, choose "iCAL Subscription".
  11. An "ICS URL" box appears. Paste in the URL you copied in Step 2.
  12. Click [Next].
  13. A new dialogue window appears. In the "Name" field, enter the name of the calendar and then choose what color you want the calendar to appear as in Webmail. Check the "Exclude this calendar when reporting free/busy times" box.

Remote calendars are updated by the Zimbra server every 12 hours. If you want to refresh your new calendar manually, right-click the calendar name in the overview pane and select Reload.