There are a number of calendar categories that support weekly email digests. These email digests are sent Friday mornings, and include events for that Friday through the following Sunday (e.g. Friday, 1/15 through Sunday, 1/24) The deadline for submitting these events is 5:30 a.m. each Friday.

To subscribe to one of these email digests, you need to send an empty email message to a "join" email address (e.g. You will then receive a confirmation message asking you to verify, via a simple email reply, that you wish to join the list. Once subscribed, you will receive the digest whenever it is mailed.

To unsubscribe from an email digest, you send an email to the "leave" address (e.g.

By default, everyone at the college is subscribed to the Arts & Entertainment, Presentations & Lectures, and Athletics email digests. Additionally, students are subscribed to the Career Advising email digest. You may choose to unsubscribe from these email digests at any time, and subscribe again later if you wish.

In addition there is a college-wide, opt-out "Promotions" mail list. This list is made available to all members of the campus community who wish to be reminded of individual events sponsored by faculty and staff, and who wish to receive notices from departments on academic matters. This will be in addition to the weekly digests of events currently being distributed to all who want this information. Similarly, though all members of the community will receive this initial email, any member who wishes to be removed from the list may unsubscribe at any time. Further information, along with guidelines, can be found at

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